12 Powerful Ways to Reboot Your Mind, Body, and Soul and Give Yourself the Love you Deserve

I AM READY... To Kick Anxiety's ASS

I have opened my vault for the first time!
I have compiled my top strategies and action plans to share with you at a very limited low price of $47

  • ​Anxiety- Booklet + (30 min Video)
  • ​5%, 90%, 5%- Information and Video 
  • ​Meditation Video 
  • What holds you back? Creating unnecessary fear 
  •  Coping Statements
  • ​Types of healthy boundaries and how to set them 
  •  Forgiveness
  • Worksheets
  • ​Videos
  • ​Challenge Cards
  • ​Journal Prompts
  • ​Possible Membership
  • ​and much much more...

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